GA-101 MOA Pitch

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Whiteboard Concept of MOA Timeline

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The Concept

As we work extremely close with Genentech, often times opportunities arise where we revisit old bundles and apps, and try to improve upon and update content. A request was put in to visit how we would approach the MOA section for this particular drug.

The concept behind this is a highly interactive user driven MOA, as opposed to just a video that can be watched.. All of the elements of the MOA would live in the same "environment". Swiping down transitions smoothly from each page to the next, simply moving the items on screen to a new location, whether it's on or off screen. (As shown in video 1)

It starts by breaking it down into smaller sections, allowing the user to interact with the protein molecule and view the chemical makeup of the protein molecule. The user can switch between them simply by tapping on the corresponding name under the header. From there, we have a real time 3d interaction allowing the user to pinch, zoom and rotate to view the cell from any angle. From here we can add callouts to specific areas of the model (receptors, cell structure itself) and give the user full control. The next slide shows simple cell death, or Apoptosis. Triggered by a drag and drop, the user can "trigger" the event have see how a cell dies through this process. The last section brings the user through the entire process of how GA-101 works, bringing them along a guided journey. As the user swipes down, and plays through the journey, new callouts and interactions become available. This is roughly shown in the gray timeline video. The second video shows the transition from protein molecule to chemical makeup.

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