Firmenich Demo Pitch

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The Idea

As ScrollMotion pursues new clients, sometimes they request a demo app to see their content on a device. These generally have a quick turnaround time (< a week), and are created in SmartStudio, which is ScrollMotion's software to build apps without the need of code or a developer.

The idea behind this, is that different regions of the world provide different flowers for use in fragrances. Firmenich, being the leading fragrance developer for just about every product you can think of, puts a lot of research into the impacts these have on cultures, and how these flowers/plants are regarded.

This pitch was used to show how we can leverage studio to create more engaging presentations, and ways to display information in an organized, interesting fashion.

The video shows a brief overview of how the sections navigate and the style of popups and movement in the app.

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